Hot Packing! Pickled Peppers and Peaches in Syrup

This month, I tried my hand at hot pack canning.  I have not had much experience with it, so it was a challenge.  I decided to try making peaches in syrup with amaretto because a friend gave me a big bag of peaches from her tree.  But I ran into a number of issues, first some of the peaches were too ripe so they got a little mushy after I peeled them and didn’t look nice in the jar.  Then even after I packed them tightly in the jar, the peaches floated to the top!

Next I tried another recipe from my Italian Preserving cookbook, Hot and Sweet Pickled Peppers.  These were also challenging.  The recipes calls for adding a tablespoon of oil to each jar, but when I removed the jars from the water bath they were greasy. Again, I want to try again to feel more confident with my hot packing skills!