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No Javascript Support

If your browser is blocking javascript or does not support it, then certain elements of will not be visible--such as the anti-spam hidden e-mail addresses for the WebMaster, Info, Sales, SPARX and Tony Palermo.

This could occur for 3 reasons.

1. You have installed Windows XP Service Pack 2

Windows XP service pack 2 imposes tougher internet security for your computer.

You may get a message in the information bar at the top of the page that says "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer".

You are quite safe while visiting the RuyaSonic website.

Fix it by clicking the information bar and selecting "Allow Blocked Content".

What you will see is the Active X animations and the hidden-from-SPAMers e-mail addresses

2. You have high security settings, or have disabled javascript in Internet Explorer.

You may have restrictive security settings that are blocking our javascripts from functioning.

In Internet Explorer access this page by clicking
Tools|Internet Options|Security tab

If you change the security setting for the Internet zone to "medium" you will be able to use the site normally. You can always change it back to High later.

3. Your browser is old

The following browsers are known to support javascript.

  • Internet Explorer 4 and later
  • Netscape 4
  • Netscape 6 and later
  • Opera7 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0

Downloading a modern browser will have many benefits. We recommend Mozilla Firefox.

Alternatively you can update Internet Explorer.

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