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The Los Angeles Radio Drama Network

This website is a resource pool for radio drama talent in and around Los Angeles, California. The purpose of this site is to network talent and resources among local radio drama practitioners. There are several radio drama troupes in Los Angeles and this site serves as a connection to and between them. If somebody needs advice, a script, talent referrals, sound effect devices, or equipment based in the Los Angeles area, this is the place to find them. 

The L.A. Radio Drama Network is not a regularly performing troupe or broadcast service. This page and free service is coordinated by Tony Palermo, a radio dramatist, producer, composer, and sound effects artist.

Radio Drama Live in Los Angeles

Support our local artists--many of whom do radio drama on stage. And don't forget to come up after the show and introduce yourself as fellow L.A. Radio Drama Network members. The better we know each other, the stronger our community. You never know who may be needing somebody with your talents.

The California Artists Radio Theater perform monthly at the Beverly Garland Hotel. Check their schedule.

The Liquid Radio Players have several runs a year of their hilarious radio drama improv shows at the Acme Comedy Theater. From their website you can send an e-mail asking to be put on their e-mail list to notify you about upcoming shows.

The Museum of Television & Radio, in Beverly Hills, holds their Re-Creating Radio workshops each Saturday morning throughout the school year. This is a family workshop primarily for kids 9-14, but adults are welcome to volunteer with acting and sound effects. It's great fun, you'll be helping kids and learn how old-time-radio shows were produced.

New Frequency - A Theater of the Mind perform their original radio works the first Sunday of each month at the Write Act Theater in Hollywood. From their website you can send an e-mail asking to be put on their e-mail list to notify you about upcoming shows.

L.A. Theater Works regularly record theatrical works at the Skirball Cultural Center which are later broadcast by public radio stations, including Pasadena's KPCC-FM 89.3 on Saturdays. Check their performance schedule.

Experienced Radio Drama Directors

Katrina Alexy - - MT&R
Cecil Castellucci - - MT&R
Matt Johnson - New Frequency Players
Christian Lebano - - Playwright's Project, MT&R
Tony Palermo - Encyclo-Media, MT&R,  KISL-FM, many others.
Yuri Rasovsky - Peabody award winning audio dramatist
Lori Tubert - Wells Fargo Radio Theater
Barbara Watkins - - 30 Minutes to Curtain/SPERDVAC

Experienced Radio Drama Engineers

Elly Bazini - Family Theater Productions
Kitty Li - -- Engineer for MT&R radio workshops
Marty Halperin - Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters (mostly retired now)
Tony Palermo -  MT&R,  Thousand Oaks Public Library, audio producer
Jeremy Satchell - Engineer/mixer from Hollywood Sound Systems, Wells Fargo Radio Theater

Audio Rental Houses with equipment well suited to Radio Drama

Hollywood Sound Systems
1541 North Wilcox (between Sunset & Selma)
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 466-2416
(323) 460-2676 FAX
Besides rentals, Hollywood Sound Systems do the live audio production for The Wells Fargo Radio Theater at the Autry Western Heritage Museum. They have wonderful old-time ribbon microphones and much experience and appreciation for radio drama.

Technology Artists
9900 Bell Ranch Drive, Suite 105
Santa Fe Springs, CA 900670
(877) 278-07772 toll free
(562) 903-0772
(562) 09-9321 FAX
They rent many kinds of audio equipment and are a full Mackie dealer. They can provide mixers, DJ-CD players (which are perfect for radio drama cues and SFX), monitors, public address systems and stage lighting--in addition to engineers. Their equipment and expertise went into the successful live stage productions for the "Radio Goes To The Movies" series at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

Experienced Radio Drama Writers

Cecil Castellucci - - MT&R, children's author
Matt Johnson & James Napoli - New Frequency Players
Christian Lebano - - Playwright's Project
Laurel Ollstein - - Playwright's Project
Tony Palermo -  MT&R, Public radio, United Nations, etc.
Yuri Rasovsky -  Peabody award winning audio dramatist
Lori Tubert - - Wells Fargo Radio Theater, Family Productions.

Sound Effects

Manual Sound Effects Artists

Jesse Mackie - MT&R, Liquid Radio Players
Tony Palermo  - (performance and kit rentals) - California Artists Radio Theatre, L.A. Theatre Works, Public radio, United Nations, various radio troupes, etc.

Brian Habicht - Liquid Radio Players

Pre-recorded Sound Effects Triggered Live

Jean Luc Danielle - -  Wells Fargo Radio Theater
Tony Palermo - California Artists Radio Theatre, L.A. Theatre Works, Public radio, United Nations, various radio troupes, etc.

        Sound Effects Kit Rentals

History for Hire
The premiere movie prop house in Los Angeles hosts a variety of radio sound effects--many of which are in working order--and not "just for looks." They also have a variety of working old-time ribbon microphones.

Tony Palermo makes his unusual kit of manual sound effects available for local L.A. rentals at reasonable rates. He has many old-style SFX devices modeled after original NBC and CBS effects. Tony made most of the SFX used by the Museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles. You can also ask him for advice on sounds.

        Sound Effects Resources

Sound Effects info - from the educational Radio Drama Resources website.

Radio Drama Music

Composers Who Specialize in Scoring for Radio Drama

Rick Friend - composer, accompanist for silent movies too.
Penka Kouneva - composer for stage and screen
Rob Izenberg - works with the New Frequency Players
Tony Palermo - scores for his own productions, Norman Corwin and others.

The Film Music Network - is a support group for composers--primarily for film, but they can score anything. They have an e-mail list you can use to advertise for composer's services. Many fledgling composers will jump at a chance for credits and to add to their demo reels. They also sponsor monthly networking events in L.A. where you--as a producer--can meet composers, accompanists, and music editors.

Live Accompanists

Peter Zachos - works with the Liquid Radio Players improv troupe
Jonathan Green - - music director for Acme Comdey Theatre

Rob Izenberg - works with the New Frequency Players

Los Angeles Radio Drama Troupes

    The California Artists Radio Theater was founded by veteran actress, director and producer, Peggy Webber. They present new and classic radio works monthly

    The Liquid Radio Players are a talented improv comedy group that use radio drama as their launch pad for clever entirely made-up shows. They appear in Los Angeles, performing in 1940s costumes and concoct hilarious parodies of standard radio genres using audience suggestions for theme, characters and commercials. It's good, clean fun and always entertaining. If you love radio drama, you'll love their show. The LRP website offers free audio streams of past shows, so you can listen to them right now!

    L.A. Theater Works is an audio theater company frequently employing Hollywood stars to produce new audio theater works and dramatic readings. They record their performances in front of a live audience. Shows from their catalogue of over 300 productions can be heard on  public radio station KPCC-FM 89.3 each Saturday at 8:00 p.m.

    New Frequency - A Theater of the Mind is an ensemble that presents classic and new radio dramas on stage in Los Angeles on the first Sunday of each month. They are a talented and energetic group who really know their radio history, but also bring their skills to creating modern dramas with a cutting edge.

    30 Minutes to Curtain is a performance troupe that does new works and re-creates classic OTR programs. They were established in 1983 and aired on KCSN for 18 years. They still perform several times a year throughout Los Angeles.  Several OTR veterans perform in the group.

Educational Radio Drama Resources

Radio Drama Resources - Tony Palermo's educational website on producing radio drama.

SPERDVAC - The Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy

The Museum of Television & Radio's Re-creating Radio Workshop

A family program held most Saturdays at The Museum of Television & Radio. Here, participants act and perform sound effects for a variety of radio genres. This is a great introduction to the medium. Aspiring radio-writers, directors, actors, and sound effects artists can see how things were done in the golden age--and you get a recording of your production to show off.

Internet Mailing List about Radio Drama

  • The Radio Drama List is an international e-mail discussion list about radio writing and production. Radio dramatists and producers from all over the world contribute to this lively forum about both the aesthetics and technical demands of the audio drama medium. This is not a nostalgia trip. We discuss how to create and distribute new works. Newbies and Pros are all welcome. If you are a radio writer or producer you belong on this list.
     To subscribe, send a message to and in the body of your message type: SUBSCRIBE RADIODRAMA. They will send a confirmation message with complete instructions.

Radio Drama Organizations

  • National Audio Theatre Festival - a nationwide professional radio dramatists association
  • SPERDVAC - The Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy

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