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Expert info on Audio Theatre/Radio Drama production.

Audio Theatre/Radio Drama Resources
Writing, Sound Effects, Production, Scoring & more

Advice from Tony Palermo

Tony Palermo directs Theater 40 SFX artists while Michael Gough plays Scrooge

Info related to audio theatre, including script writing/formatting, sound effects, music, engineering, directing, old time radio shows and the magic of storytelling via sound.

Hosted by Tony Palermo, an audio artist (writer, producer, director, composer, sound effects artist, and engineer) and educator living in Los Angeles, California. Besides radio and internet broadcasts, and audiobooks, Tony has created and performed numerous radio plays for the Museum of Television & Radio in both Los Angeles and New York, the United Nations, the Playwright's Project, the Thousand Oaks Public Library, international radio festivals, and various educational publishers. He also appears with the Wells Fargo Radio Theater, the Liquid Radio Players, 30 Minutes to Curtain, Theatre 40, C.A.R.T and other radio troupes.


A Christmas Carol script & Score for Radio - You can produce my radio adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic.


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TONY PALERMO is an audio theatre producer, performer, and educator living in Los Angeles, California.
He performs professionally, conducts workshops, and produces programs for hire.
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