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Networking with Other Radio Dramatists

Advice from Tony Palermo

E-mail Discussion List about Radio Drama

  • The Radio Drama List: A discussion list about radio writing and production. Radio dramatists and producers from all over the world contribute to this lively forum about both the aesthetics and technical demands of the audio drama medium. This is not a nostalgia trip. We discuss how to create and distribute new works. I myself contribute quite a bit to the forum--many of my posts find their way to my "Radio Drama Resources" website. Come and join in this SPAM-free, moderated list. Newbies and Pros are all welcome.

  • To subscribe, send a message to and in the body of your message type: SUBSCRIBE RADIODRAMA. They will send a confirmation message with complete instructions.  They  now have a web-based sign up method.

The National Audio Theatre Festivals

NATF is a non-profit organization run by Sue Zizza, a dedicated, professional producer/performer/educator. Their biggest project is the annual Audio Theatre Workshop held in West Plains, Missouri every June. Here, writers, directors, actors, technicians and wanna-bees assemble for a week of classes and mount a two hour production/broadcast of several modern audio plays for a paying audience. NATF brings in top talent from both sides of the Atlantic to provide mentoring and professional polish. Each June, they provide a wonderful opportunity to network with other audio artists. I cannot recommend this delightful festival enough. The little college town of West Plains is very charming and the camaraderie established there lasts years afterward. Every dedicated professional or amateur audio artist should try to attend once. 

Other Audio Theatre Sites

  AM, FM, Short Wave, TV and Satellite Stations Broadcasting Old Time Radio Shows -- Henry  Howard's great resource on everything audio drama related.

  CBC Radio Drama links

  Cosmic Forces - "an outstanding on-line radio drama series" -- based in Los Angeles

  Crunchy Frog - an internet comedy radio troupe similar to Monty Python.

  Dealers Selling Old Time Radio shows

  Joe Bevilacqua's comedy-o-rama - A radio/TV comedy site with interviews, tributes, original shows and more.

  Lodestone-Media sells many modern and classic radio programs, books and videos

  Mind's Ear Audio Productions -- multi-part contemporary audio dramas.

  National Audio Theatre Festival - home page for professional radio dramatists association

  Olde Tyme Radio Network - On-line broadcasts of radio drama (including the Same Time, Same Station program)

  One Act Players -- a San Francisco internet radio troupe that reproduces classic shows and new ones too.

  OTR - Radio Days - An excellent website with histories of radio genres and Real Audio files you can listen to.

  OTRCAT - a dealer in inexpensive MP3 and CD-audio collections of classic shows. 

  Radio College -- a radio journalism and theater site.

  Radio Spirits-- a record label that offers many collections of great radio shows. I highly recommend their fantastic new collection: "The 60 Greatest Old-Time Radio Shows of the 20th Century" (selected by Walter Cronkite.) All the greats are here! Read my rave review.

  RUSC Old Time Radio  - A handy and inexpensive subscription site allowing downloads from over 3000 old time radio shows in MP3 format.

  Same Time, Same Station - Los Angeles program that rebroadcasts classic radio shows

  Shoestring Radio Theatre - a radio theater group doing a wide variety of radio genres

  SPERDVAC - The Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy

  The Old Time Radio page - another very good page

  The Radio Works  - Veteran audio theater producer, Sue Zizza's group presents new works.

  The SCI-FI Cable TV site hosts the "Seeing Ear" audio drama theater.

  The Vintage Radio Place - links, shows for purchase, audio services

  Virtually hosts streaming audio/radio drama and comedy, old and new, fiction and non-fiction.

  Wireless Theatre Company offers free downloaded plays, all of them original works. offers a fine selection of audio theater recordings, including many BBC and RTE programs.

Los Angeles Radio Drama Resources/Troupes

    The Los Angeles Radio Drama Network is a resource pool, listing producers, writers, composers, actors, sound effects artists, engineers, studios, performing troupes, and other information to provide easy communications between radio drama practitioners in the Los Angeles area. They are not a formal organization, but rather a collection of connections. If you'd like to join the network, just submit a link or e-mail address via e-mail to . Membership in the resource pool is free.

The California Artists Radio Theater was founded by veteran actress, director and producer, Peggy Webber. They present new and classic radio works monthly.

    The Liquid Radio Players are a talented improv comedy group that use radio drama as their launch pad for clever entirely made-up shows. They appear occasionally in Los Angeles, performing in 1940s costumes. LRP concoct hilarious parodies of standard radio genres using audience suggestions for theme, characters and commercials. It's good, clean fun and always entertaining. If you love radio drama, I highly recommend them. Their website offers free audio streams of past shows, so you can listen to them right now!

    New Frequency - A Theater of the Mind is an ensemble that presents classic and new radio dramas on stage in Los Angeles on the first Sunday of each month. They are a talented and energetic group who really know their radio history, but also bring their skills to creating modern dramas with a cutting edge.

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