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The RuyaSonic Site FAQ

Table of Contents

  1. What is
  2. What does "RuyaSonic" mean, anyhow?
  3. Who is Tony Palermo?
  4. Who is "Sparx"?
  5. Is this the same website Tony hosted called "Radio Drama Resources"?
  6. How will differ from the old "Radio Drama Resources" website?
  7. How do I purchase the scripts, scores and gear offered here?
  8. How do I contact Tony Palermo?
  9. Wait! I don't see any e-mail address in the line above. What's up?

What is

It's an informational website dedicated to telling stories with sound. And that's SOUND, not necessarily sound effects. This includes audio theatre/radio drama, audio books, sound effects, collages, audio illusions, psychoacoustics and aural literacy. It covers writing, direction, engineering, music scoring, distribution, etc. Anything you can hear that can help tell a story.

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What does "RuyaSonic" mean, anyhow?

"Ruya" is Arabic for "dream" or "vision" and sonic pertains to that which we hear. So RuyaSonic is concerned with dreaming via sound. The sounds create a vision in your head--suggests a world. Sound is poetry to the visual's prose.

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Who is Tony Palermo?

He's a Los Angeles-based audio artist/educator who's worked extensively in the field of radio drama. Here's a link to more on Tony Palermo. There are lots of links to his name all over the website, not due to ego, but because exposure is how Tony gets hired for a variety of gigs, from performance, to support, fabrication, consulting and teaching. With 300-400 visitors a day, the website generates lots of leads. Tony works freelance, so the RuyaSonic Website is both an educational service and advertisement for his skills.

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Who is "Sparx"?

SPARX is a character Tony Palermo plays when conducting assemblies about dynamic literacy through sound.  Also, "Sparks" was often the nickname for the radio operator onboard a ship.  Sparx is Tony's main money making gig. Please hire him. He travels cross country and has even taught overseas.

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Is this the same website Tony hosted that was called "Radio Drama Resources"?

Yes, and more. Tony operated the now-defunct Radio Drama Resources website since 1996, but the amount of traffic that site generated (110,000 visitors in 2004) exceeded his internet service provider's allowance for a personal website. It was TOO popular. So, Tony bought his own moved the old site here, but broke it up into more pages. The old site was retired in March 2005.

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How will differ from the old "Radio Drama Resources" website?

Finally, there's room for many more articles, audio clips, photos, videos and even some e-commerce, to sell downloadable scripts, music cues, sound effects clips and also specialized microphones, audio gear and hand-built sound effects devices. There will even be free audiobooks created by Tony.

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How do I purchase the scripts, scores and gear offered here?

Go to the Depot to browse the selections. More will be coming available. We use PayPal to accept credit cards and other forms of payment.

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How do I contact Tony Palermo?

Send and e-mail to the RuyaSonic information address at:

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Wait! I can't see any e-mail address in the line above. What's up?

We've used javascript to allow the display of e-mail addresses to humans, but screen them from SPAMmers trolling for e-mail addresses to send junk mail to. If you can't see the info address above, look at the javascript block page for a way allow these addresses to show up in your browser.

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