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Last updated: April 6, 2022

Christmas Radio Plays and Stage-Plays for 2022-2023

Professionally-written plays available for licensing for the Christmas season

OVERVIEW: Christmas plays by a professional stage and radio playwright who has done over 2500 shows (on-air, on-stage, in-studio) since the late 1990s. This page lists my Christmas radio and stage-plays that troupes can license for production--for stage, broadcast, classroom, recording, church, workshops, and fundraisers. I charge a traditional and modest royalty-per-performance. Pre-recorded music and sound effects tracks come with each play.


My Christmas radio plays and stage-plays have been produced by Hollywood stars, professional actors, and troupes at community theaters, colleges, high-schools, middle-schools, grade schools, churches, and even family productions. Please note that radio plays are especially well-suited for fundraisers--as they don't require memorization, extensive rehearsals, props or costumes. My scripts are appropriate for all ages--nothing too "cutesy" or too racy. Think: Mark Twain or H. G. Wells. Many characters are non-gendered, so they can be easily played by males or females.

ABOUT RuyaSonic Plays

  •  Sample and Full play scripts are delivered as PDF files via e-mail. You can make as many copies as needed. NO script-booklets to buy.
     (Other play-publishers charge a royalty of $60-$100 per performance PLUS $10 per script-booklet for each cast-member.)

  •  Each play comes with professional-quality music and sound effects tracks--MP3s you download from special webpages.

  •  Each radio script appendix includes a SFX "cookbook" section: How to buy/make the manual SFX called for in the script.

  •  Royalty fees vary by the particular play, the venue (broadcast/theater/classroom/church) and the number of performances.

  •  I accept credit cards via the free and secure service. Institutional checks and school PO's are OK.

TO ORDER: Contact me at and explain about your troupe, venue, and how many performances of whichever play you are interested in. I will reply with full details, including how to pay. Because I accept payment via PayPal, you can have the full script, music & sound effects tracks within hours.

'Christmas Carol' plays for radio, remote, and stage productions - with pre-recorded music & sound effects

Christmas 'Nativity Play' scripts for stage, church, pageants, radio and family productions

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