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Last updated: October 30, 2018

'Christmas Carol' One-Man Show Script & Musical Score

Perfect for the 2018-2019 Christmas season!

Here is a version of Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' intended to be read by a single-narrator--with optional pre-recorded musical accompaniment. This would serve well for a one-man show or a grandparent reading a condensed version of the 'Carol' to grandchildren beside the fireplace. I offer full cast versions of the "Carol" for radio and stage, but have seen requests for a smaller, more intimate rendering of the tale. Charles Dickens was an actor before he was a writer and he often performed excerpts from his novels to theater audiences in Britain and America. I've taken Dickens' own 'reading Carol' from 1867 and trimmed it down from 3 hours to 30-minutes long. However, this version is not just a telling of the story--with lots of narration and occasional dialogue. It is more a dramatized "Carol" to be performed by a single-storyteller--much the way audiobook narrator Jim Dale brought the Harry Potter books to life. You don't need to be a gifted mimic to render the sour Scrooge or meek Bob Cratchit, but this script makes it easy to assume one voice and then switch to another since the radio-script format lends itself to clear reading off the page in a live performance.

For information regarding how to obtain the script, contact me at . I deliver the script via e-mail as a PDF file, and the optional pre-recorded music cues can downloaded as MP3 files.

I also offer a small-cast version at-home Family or Staged-Reading performances. See 'A Christmas Carol' as family/staged-reading version.

'A Christmas Carol' is Tony "Sparx" Palermo's very faithful adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic story of  Christmas, memory, and redemption. The dialogue is verbatim Dickens, but condensed and arranged to bring forward Dickens' themes of charity and goodwill toward men. This shortened version includes the famous scenes of the Charity Seekers, Marley’s Ghost, the three Spirits, Fezziwig's Ball, Belle, the Cratchit family, the graveyard, the prize turkey and Scrooge's final surprise for Bob Cratchit. However, it omits several scenes entirely NO teenage Scrooge and his sister Fan, neither of Nephew Fred’s parties, no mention of the Children—Ignorance & Want, no Rag & Bone shop, and no mocking businessmen. In 30 minutes, the story still holds up as an emotional experience. This version also employs (optional) music but doesn’t require any sound effects. Instead, they are described by the narrator, the way Dickens’ handled them in his original story.

Here's a downloadable MP3 clip of a famous scene, with one actor doing all the voices--accompanied by music and sound effects:

AUDIO CLIP - 'Christmas Carol' - Scrooge & Marley scene [MP3]


    You can view/print the sample radio script PDF with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program, which works for PCs, Macs, and Android devices.

Tony's Extensive Notes On How to Produce 'A Christmas Carol'

Detailed information about how I've approached this adaptation. While the notes are intended for full-cast productions, I suggest solo narrators read over them to understand the themes running through the story.

Pre-Recorded Music Tracks for 'Christmas Carol'

Additionally, I offer pre-recorded orchestral music tracks—20+ minutes worth. These 19 tracks are not required to do the show, but they cover scene transitions and underscore the drama. They are NOT Broadway-style musical songs. Instead, the tracks function the way 1940s movie music does—supporting the drama by playing underneath the narrator and some dialogue. In scoring 'A Christmas Carol', other than my own ghost and suspense music, I adapted old Victorian carols. I used less well-known carols, to avoid cliché or sentimentality, without sacrificing the authentic characteristics that period music could lend to the story. The carols reinforce emotional and structural connections in the drama.

For example; Belle's Theme ("The Coventry Carol") is played by a music box--a gift from Scrooge--that winds down as the dialogue details their crumbling relationship.  

The instrumentation is strictly Victorian: brass choir, pipe and reed organs, hand bells, church bells, chimes, cymbals, timpani, fiddle, concertina, music-box, “glass harmonica,” choirs and strings. This authentic musical underscoring adds greatly to the production.

List of 'Christmas Carol' Music Tracks available for this play

The 20+ minutes of music tracks are available as downloadable MP3 files.

  1. Holiday Playhouse theme (plays under opening narration)
  2. Boy Carolers singing—then cut-off
  3. Foggy Night  
  4. Marley’s Woe  
  5. The Phantoms  
  6. Spirit #1 Arrives
  7. Christmas Past  
  8. Fezziwig’s Ball
  9. Belle’s Music Box
  10. Return to Bed
  11. Spirit #2 arrives
  12. Christmas Present/Cratchit Home #1
  13. Christmas Montage
  14. Spirit #3 Arrives  
  15. Cratchit Home #2
  16. Graveyard Sequence
  17. Church Bell Cacophony   
  18. Christmas Day in London  
  19. Fred's Party
  20. "Uncle Scrooge!" toast
  21. God Bless Us
  22. Outro
  23. DEMO: "Scrooge & Marley" scene

NOTE: 'Christmas Carol' music tracks are for sale to troupes who are NOT using my script.

    To order just the 23 pre-recorded 'Christmas Carol' MUSIC tracks, contact:


--Royalty Fees--

Script Performance Royalty:  (one-time fee) --delivered as e-mailed PDF file
Pre-Recorded Music Tracks:  (one-time fee) --deliveredas MP3 downloads

Once you download the MP3s, you can burn them to audio CDs or trigger them from a computer or MP3 player. 

How to Pay For Script and Music Tracks

I accept credit card payments via the free and secure service.

  1. Go to the website, click on the “Send Money” button.
    NOTE: You can now use your debit card and not have to register with PayPal.

  2. Use my e-mail address:  to send the money to my PayPal account.
  3. PayPal has an info box on their payment page that allows you to send a note to me, use it to specify WHAT you are ordering (I offer 25 different shows) and, if you want the script AND music tracks or just the script alone. For all orders, include your postal mail address—for my tax reporting purposes.
    NOTE: If you do not specify WHAT you are ordering, I cannot send you ANYTHING.  
  4. NOTE: You must pay in U.S. dollars—which is easy to do on Paypal.
    For how-to info, see:


Once your payment has been received, I will e-mail you the PDF of the script and links to special download pages for the MP3 files of the tracks. You can make as many copies of the script as needed for cast and crew.

If you have any questions, contact:

TONY PALERMO is a radio playwright, professional sound effects artist, radio director, composer, and educator based in Los Angeles, California.

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