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Last updated: April 6, 2022

Spooky/Horror Plays for 2022-2023

Radio-plays are uniquely suited for both remote productions as part of distance-learning classes or in-person ensemble performances—both of which can be recorded for distribution via broadcast, Zoom, or other web-based platforms. I DO license on-demand downloads, with no restrictions as to what platform (your website, YouTube, etc.)

Scary stage-plays & radio plays for Frightening Nights!

by Anthony E. Palermo - Playwright, Sound Effects Artist, Composer

OVERVIEW: I am a professional radio drama playwright and performer--having done over 2500 shows (on-air, on-stage, in-studio) since the late 1990s. This page lists my darker radio and stage-plays that troupes can license for production--for stage, broadcast, classrooms, recordings, churches, workshops, and fundraisers. I charge a traditional royalty-per-performance, but also license on-demand downloads for a flat fee.

My plays have been produced by Hollywood stars, professional actors, and troupes at community theaters, colleges, high-schools, middle-schools, grade schools, churches, and even family productions. Please note that radio plays are especially well-suited to fundraisers--as they don't require memorization, extensive rehearsals, props or costumes. The scripts are appropriate for all ages--nothing too gruesome, but pretty spooky. Think: Edgar Allen Poe, Agatha Christie, or H. G. Wells.

TO ORDER: Contact me at and explain about your troupe, venue, and how many performances of whichever play you are interested in. I will reply with full details, including how to pay. You can have the script, music & sound effects tracks within hours.

  •  'The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow' [radio-play | stage-play]

  • 'Grim Scary Tales' horror anthology radio series - 2 different episodes

    Grim Scary Tales is a horror anthology series similar to Lights Out or the Inner Sanctum Mysteries. The series itself is set in 1955, so the horror is not as gruesome as contemporary horror films or fiction. We offer two different episodes; Both include humorous ads at the very end--to leaven the horror. The two episodes can be presented together to form a Halloween program.

  •  Inspector Rufflethorpe - 'The Twitshyre Murder Case' [radio-play]

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    MAN: Listen! Was that a moan I heard?