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Writing for Audio TheatreTony with Norman Corwin, the poet laureate of radio

Hands-on Advice from Tony Palermo

  • Adapting William Shakespeare for Radio and other radio writing tips - an essay on radio writing.
  • A Method for Writing Radio Drama -- a more detailed look at the craft.
  • Toward a Radio Drama 101 -- notes on how to get started creating radio drama.
  • MS Word Template for Radio Scripts -- my generic template for formatting radio scripts.
  • How to Write Good Radio Drama Cues -- advice on writing cues with clarity and precision.
  • Formatting Radio Drama Scripts for Fast Rehearsals -- a formatting method with an example script.
  • Writing Children's Radio Drama -- advice on this unique genre.
  • Writing Radio Horror Stories -- advice on creating horror that works on radio.
  • Using the Narrator in Radio Drama Scripting -- issues related to the narrator device in radio drama.
  • Other links to radio writing resources

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    TONY PALERMO is an audio theatre producer, performer, and educator living in Los Angeles, California.
    He performs professionally, conducts workshops, and produces programs for hire.
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