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Last updated: October 30, 2018

Radio Play Websites

This list is far from complete. But among these sites, you'll find links to other links.

  • -- Henry  Howard's great resource on everything audio drama related.

  • BBC Radio Listening site - Streaming audio of BBC music, news, talk and even some radio drama.

  • Crazy Dog Audio Theatre - Roger Gregg's stunning radio artistry is available here, along with valuable instructional clips, interviews, recommended listening lists and more. Essential!

  • Fear You Can Hear- A non-profit old time radio page for the blind and visually impared.

  • Joe Bevilacqua's comedy-o-rama - A radio/TV comedy Facebook page with interviews, tributes, original shows and more.

  • Mind's Ear Audio Productions - Multi-part contemporary audio dramas.

  • National Audio Theatre Festival - The professional radio dramatists association

  • Norman Corwin - The poet-laureate of American radio. Tony was Norman's SFX artist for his final years (2003-2011).

  • OTR - Radio Days - An excellent website with histories of radio genres and Real Audio files you can listen to.

  • OTRCAT - A dealer in inexpensive MP3 and CD-audio collections of classic shows. 

  • Radio College -- A German-language radio journalism and theater site. (No translation into English, though)

  • Radio Spirits-- A record label that offers many collections of great radio shows. I highly recommend their fantastic new collection: "The 60 Greatest Old-Time Radio Shows of the 20th Century" (selected by Walter Cronkite.) All the greats are here! Read my rave review.

  • RUSC Old Time Radio  - A handy and inexpensive subscription site allowing downloads from over 3000 MP3 OTR radio shows.

  • Tony "Sparx" Palermo's RuyaSonic -- The site you are on viewing right now, offering radio plays, sound design, music, and plenty of How-To info.

  • Same Time, Same Station - Los Angeles program that rebroadcasts classic radio shows

  • Shoestring Radio Theatre - A radio theater group doing a wide variety of radio genres

  • SPERDVAC  - The Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy

  • The Texas Radio Theater Company - A very energetic group with MP3 files and frequent live gigs in Texas.

  • The Old Time Radio page - Another very good page

  • The Vintage Radio Place - Links, shows for purchase, audio services

  • ZBS - Tom Lopez's wonderful site featuring the widest smartest collection of audio artistry with a concentration on newer works.

TONY PALERMO is a radio playwright, professional sound effects artist, radio director, composer, and educator based in Los Angeles, California.

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