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Last updated: October 30, 2018

SPARX Audio Adventures!

Educational Programs with Tony "Sparx" Palermo



    The Threshold of Sound
Audience-Participation Assembly


Sparx leads a fast-paced interactive exploration of sound and storyusing low- and high-tech wizardry. The entire audience joins in for this rousing and informative audio adventure.

Take a mind-boggling Sonic Safari!
Learn radio and movie sound effects tricks!
Create a fantastic world before your very ears!

Grades K–12  Time:  45 minutes.  Audience size:  Unlimited.

Cost: $600 for one assembly
           $200 for each additional assembly on the same day

BONUS: Free Family Night show with booked daytime performance on the same day


    Radio-Active Theaterworks
Hands-on Workshop


Sparx fuses sound effects with improvisational methods to ignite creativity in this fascinating workshop. Students create instant radio plays using “found” story elements, including their own grade level subjects!

Learn narrative and characterization shortcuts

Perform imaginative and often hilarious sonic sagas

Build public speaking skills, teamwork, and inventiveness

 AUDIENCE: Grades K–12  Time:  90 minutes.  Audience size:  90

COST: $800 for one workshop. $300 for each additional workshop.

NOTE: This workshop is very popular for staff development.


    Radio Play-Ground
Hands-on Production Workshop


Sparx guides student actors, sound effects artists and engineers working as a focused team to produce an exciting radio show using classic conventions and techniques. The cast and crew can then present their show to other classes or the entire school.  

Choose  classic-genre scripts--from  comedy, mystery to Western, sci-fi to detective, historical fiction to horror to super-heroes.

Sparx supplies all the scripts, scores, microphones, mixers, and audio gear--including a public address system.

Grades 3–12  Time:  45-90 minutes.  Workshop size:  10-20 students

Cost: $600 for one workshop. $300 for each additional workshop.



Self-Produced Workshops/Shows

Do-It-Yourself Radio Theater
Packaged radio drama scripts, music cues, and tutorials

Purchase scripts, music scores, and SPARX’s own How-to-Radio Play production guide so your group can produce SPARX’s entertaining radio dramas on its own. This is not a workshop. SPARX does not come to your school to direct these shows—you do! Each package contains the radio script, casting monologues, director’s notes, a sound effects "cookbook" describing how to create the sounds, plus professional music cues. Scripts and instructions are e-mailed to you—all ready for printing and copying. Music cues are available on audio CDs or as downloadable MP3 files. See Radio Play-ground for details on the many shows to choose from.

Grades: 3–to–Adult
Cost: $80 per show package
(Master script, music cues, How-to-Radio-Play production guide)


Sparx is also available for multi-session residencies, fundraisers, evening performances, and teacher in-service training.


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TONY PALERMO is a radio playwright, professional sound effects artist, radio director, composer, and educator based in Los Angeles, California.

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